Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Sampler Roundy Pics


Gosh you guys didn't have to think at all to guess what my new start was! I'm impressed!

Finally went back to work today. Still trying to cough my lungs up but at least after my Dr. appt. on Tuesday I'm armed with the good cough medicine so I can sleep at night. I was given a different anti-biotic also and it seems to be loosening things up better than the other one was. My voice is still iffy, comes and goes and I kinda sound like a man . Dan is enjoying that as he has always liked Kathleen Turner's voice and I sound more like her now than I do me. He still has to close his eyes though cuz I certainly don't look anything like her!

Anyway, while I was at work I snapped some pics of my version of Shakespeare's Peddler's Sampler Roundy. I used my own selection of colors and I changed the placement of some colors and I moved a couple of letters up or down as I felt necessary. I'm thrilled with the results. This chart is so cute and the base makes the piece!

If anyone is interested in my color choices, please feel free to email and I will let you know what I used.

Got a call from Amy yesterday telling me that once again I was right. God I love hearing those words come out of her mouth! I just can't tell you how much I like to hear them especially from Amy. Earlier in the day she had told me about this boy that kept instant messaging her every time she got on Facebook. It was starting to bother her. I told her I thought perhaps he was interested in her and just hadn't gotten up the nerve to say something. She pooh-poohed that idea. Guys don't like me, she said. I agreed, in High School I think she scared a lot of them but I told her college is a whole new world. Turns out he was interested in her and was hoping to get her phone number. Someday, all of my kids will admit that I'm not dumb. Abby is still the holdout. She may think it, but she will never admit that I might know what I'm talking about.

Speaking of Abby, we had Halloween Costume drama around here the last week or so. She had ordered a costume back in August and needed it her by the 9th of October as she and a friend were renting a party bus and celebrating their birthdays with a costume party. The costume didn't show up or ship by the 25th of Sept. like they said so she called them. The costume was still in China. Not going to get here by the party date. Long story short....she threw a temper tantrum at the shop and was all upset until I suggested she call them back and ask if perhaps a costume she liked more but couldn't afford was available and would they maybe give her a discount since she had ordered way back in August. For $36.00 more she got the costume she really wanted and it arrived in just a couple days. I arrived home from work last week to see the costume on the floor in the entryway, not a good sign. Where's Abby I ask? In her room crying. The costume doesn't fit, she's fat and her life is over. I called her downstairs and asked her to try it on so I could see if it would stretch enough to close but she wouldn't do it. She held it up showed me how it wouldn't even come close to closing (and it was a medium, hence the I'm fat thought process, rolling my eyes here) threw it down and went back upstairs. I thought it best to let her pout and ponder overnight but in the morning I suggested perhaps she could call the tailor she's used in the past and maybe, just maybe she could help Abby with the costume. Muttering under her breath about how that was never going to happen she placed the call. The tailor returned her call Tuesday and asked her to bring the costume and she would look at it. I got a call later that day. The costume fits mom! The costume fits! Great I said, how did the tailor fix it so quickly? She didn't have to. She told me to put it on over my dress and then she just hooked it up in the back. Over my dress!! Oh, I said, you mean it's stretchy? Yes! It fits just fine! You mean you aren't fat??? Oh mom, don't be silly. Now I could have done the same thing with the costume but Abby would never have believed me if I said I thought it would stretch to fit so smart woman that I am, I saved myself some more drama, made Abby feel sheepish and once again proved that I am not as dumb as she thinks I am. I call that a win-win. Oh and guess what? Her bestie decided she didn't want to have to get a costume this early so she made Abby cancel the costume part of the party by saying everyone was complaining. Turns out it was only the bestie that didn't want to wear a costume. But what's done is done. Hopefully Abby will be able to attend some other parties so she can wear the dang thing since it caused so much trouble!

That's all for tonight folks. Thanks for visiting and commenting if you do.

Take care till next time!



Margaret said...

Wow, great finish!

mbroider said...

The Shakespeare Peddler stuff is simply wonderful. Yes, the right base!!

As for Amy and Abby, just as i was thinking the Amy bit was good, i find out the Abby one is better. You are a great Mum:)


Patty C. said...

Wonderful Finish - It turned out beautifully !!!!!!

Shelljo said...

I have to laugh at your Abby. It's nice to know I'm not the only one with a dramatic DD!

Patti said...

Just STUNNING!!! Love it. Now I need something else.
Patti xxx

Blu said...

Roundy Sampler is such a gorgeous finish! I love the base. It just sets off the whole piece perfectly.

Cindy F. said...

Oh my goodness! Your finish is GORGEOUS!!! I love it!! Beautiful work Julie:)

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog:) You would REALLY hate back stitching "European Bistro"!

Siobhan said...

Well, ummm, this is awkward! I think you are confusing your daughter Abby with MY daughter!! At least, they sound remarkably similar! LOL I was watching "Modern Family" yesterday & called Deirdre to tell her that we're going to start calling her Cameron, because she's very dramatic. Incredibly wonderful kid but sooooo dramatic--especially about clothes and going out, etc. LOL I'm glad you got the costume stuff sorted in the end.

Love your Sampler Roundy!

Kimmie said...

I'm thinking that I want Pricess Noodle to stay 11 years old.

Sally said...

Your Sampler Roundy is gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous finish!!!

Feathers in the Nest

Meari said...

That is a really cute finish!

LOL, poor Amy. ;-) Entertaining stories.

Anonymous said...

Julie, I always love your blog, you do such beautiful work and the tales of your family always leave me smiling..Keep up he good work..Btw, this is Joyce from diy,,,I had to sign in anon...LOL