Friday, June 17, 2011

Stitching and Kitchen progress!

Well dang, where did the time go?  I just realized how long it has been since I last blogged and I’m shocked!  I knew it had been a while but certainly not this long!  Once again it seems I must apologize for being a bad blogger!

Let’s start with some stitching progress pics.  We had second Saturday stitching this past weekend and I was able to snap some not very good pictures of the Double Dutch stitch along.  My camera battery was about to die so please forgive me for the crappy photos.  

Mary Ann's progress.  She hasn't had much stitching time so not a ton of progress.

Mary's progress.  She's has been working on other things lately.   Progress has been made though!

I cheated a bit and didn't take this picture until after I have had a chance to stitch a bit more.  The others were taken last Saturday.

I am having a hard time fitting stitching into my life at the moment.  Between work,   regular house stuff and this kitchen re-do, stitching is falling way to the bottom of the to do pile.  Not for long though.  I found out last week that I am having surgery on the 28th and will be non-weight bearing for 6 weeks.  Should leave me with plenty of stitching time!    

The kitchen is coming along slowly.  Dan and I have spent a considerable amount of time looking at counter top options, back splash options, sink options, faucet options, hardware options and paint options.  We found an incredible deal on granite counter tops but after looking at everything else that still needs to be done and paid for, we have decided to go the laminate counter option and have Dan do the install.  In a couple of years we can always replace them with granite or whatever might trip our trigger at the time.  I have put back splash options on the back burner for now along with hardware options but need to seriously decide on a sink and the faucet.  Dan finished up the pantry drawers last night so I can now start to wipe all the dust and debris off of the foodstuff and start putting it away.  That will be a huge relief!

I think I will pull him off the pantry and have him finish off the cabinet to the right of the dishwasher so I can put the silverware and such away.  The appliances arrived last Friday.  I'm sending the refrigerator back though.  It arrived with 4 dents/scratches in the side and although they are not bad and I could have lived with them given the right amount off, they would only cut the price by $100.00 and I figured for that I want a dent free fridge! Of course they were out of  stock on it so I am waiting for a new one to arrive, hopefully Saturday.  The delay on the fridge is also causing a delay in the microwave.  When we bought the fridge, we received a gift card for $150.00 but can’t use it until we have accepted delivery of all the appliances.   I plan to use the gift card towards the new microwave so until the fridge arrives, no new microwave.  Appliances sans the microwave.  Oh!  and the floor was installed last week also.  Love love love it!!! Btw, ignore the white thing under the dishwasher, Dan hadn't installed the kick plate yet.  My dishwasher is uber quiet.  It's  Awesome!

I must confess to feeling a bit of panic over this renovation.  Did I mention Abby is graduating from Radiology Tech School on July 9 and on July 10 we are having her party at our house.  And let’s not forget that I will be off my feet during this time.   I’m a little anxious about being able to pull the whole thing off.   Dan is only one man and although he is an incredible one man he is still only one single male specimen trying to do all this work by himself.  My mother-in-law said…Julie if it’s not perfect it’s not a big deal and I am trying very hard to think that way but it’s not working so well.  I find myself biting my tongue so I don’t harp on Dan to hurry it up a bit.  I am a horrible person!    Please keep us in your thoughts and wish us luck on getting the house put back together, if not completely finished. 

I have a bit of progress on Tuscan rose to show you also.  Still not enjoying the process of the double running back stitch but love the results!  

Think that’s about it for now.  I am almost done gathering the items I want for the give away.  I have one other thing I am looking for and then I will post it.  In the meantime…

Take care!



Gabi said...

The double dutch sampler looks gorgeous. Love all those color choices.
Your Tuscan Rose is one of my favorites. Love it.
Your kitchen is looking great. Panic and renovation do go hand in hand. It sounds like you have a very busy time :)

Miss LindaLee said...

Love your blog here and plan on coming back often. I am now a follower! What a very interesting blog. Mine is over at,

I'm LindaLee on the 123 Board

FrustratedSue said...

Julie, I envy your kitchen (and by the way, your floor choice made a decision for this household also — even though we don't know when we're beginning the project). It IS nerve-wracking to have a party so close to a renovation job. On the other hand time over-runs on projects is an American tradition — even (or especially?) the government has them. I'm assuming all your guests will be Americans? Just call it your contribution to the American way of life!

Best of luck (and take care of yourself)
Sue McCormick (aka "Sally's Mom")

mdgtjulie said...

All the stitching looks great. I see quite a bit of progress for people who aren't stitching much!! Here's hoping that the renovations are done before the party. Will say a prayer for you with your surgery. At least you have something to do while you're non weight bearing!!! Good luck!!

Shelleen said...

Take it easy after your surgery and let everyone do the work. Just sit and give the orders lol.

Meari said...

I hope your surgery isn't for anything too serious. Sending positive vibes your way for a speedy recovery, and for the kitchen to get done!

I have to say... Don't worry about it, though. People should be coming to see you and the family, not judge on whether your house is put together properly.

All the stitching looks great.

Siobhan said...

The stitching looks GREAT!! Love the kitchen remodeling, too. I'm sure you'll get through it and the house will be ready in time for the party. If not, as Meari said, people will understand since it's your daughter and family they're coming to see, not the house!