Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Favorite Find from Market, NeedleArt Exhibit and Gracie update

I want to share  my favorite purchase from the Nashville Market,  but first please join me in sending a little prayer to all those that have been affected by the horrific weather they have experienced in that part of the country this past week.   When I stop and think that it could so easily have been the previous week when we were there I just shake my head in wonder.  I've survived a tornado  once before when I was in high school and it wiped out  a pretty big chunk of our  neighborhood.  Although our house had some significant damage it was one of the few still standing after the storm.  With time the people affected will re-build their lives and their homes, but they will never forget the fear they felt as they huddled together praying that everything would be fine or the horror of coming out of their homes or wherever they took cover and seeing the destruction all around them.  Life can change in an instant, so let's all make the most of it while we can.

Now back to the fun stuff.  I saw lots of beautiful charts, fabrics, and finished projects at Market.  But the thing I am most thrilled with, the thing that has me smiling every time I use this little device.

Now I am sure some of you already have one, know what it is and are thinking, "that's so yesterday." But if, like me, you didn't know such a thing existed, you might be about to jump for joy!  When I stitch, I am never alone.  There is always a dog...or two sitting next to me.

 And lately there has been a husband.  He's decided he likes the love seat instead of the sofa for sitting.  Now all four of us are crammed onto it and I can't tell you how many times a night my scissors would be knocked off of the table, the arm of the love seat, the cushion of the love seat, the cushy shelf permanently attached to my body known around here as the booby shelf, or my thighs.  Didn't matter where I put them or what I put them in, including my scissor beak bird, some how, some way one of the three bodies sitting with me would knock them off.  Until Now.  Now I have a Scissor Sitter and I.AM.IN.LOVE!!!  Such a simple idea, we all have needleminders, how could it take me so long to find Scissor Sitters???  It utilizes the same idea as a needleminder only you use it on your shirt.

It holds the scissors just fine, I've tested it all week long and the scissors haven't budged.  Ingenious!!   I don't know if anyone else makes these, but  the one I have is from Puffin and Co.   One last can also hook your readers through the hoop so you don't lose them a hundred times a day like someone I know has a habit of doing.  I'm not going to name names cuz she knows who she is.  LOL!!

Not much progress has been made on the stitching front this past week.  We've been super busy at work getting ready for our Market Open House and this month is also our NeedleArt Exhibit so I was busy getting that set up as well.  By the time I got home from work I was too tired to do more than sit and stare at the TV.  So my little red house is not done yet.  But it's further along than it was before.

I don't think I ever showed a picture of Mary's framed Anniversaries of the Heart.  And if I did too bad, it deserves another picture!  She brought it back to the shop for the Exhibit so I took a picture of it to share with you, along with a picture of all the entries for the exhibit this year. Last year Mary got the most votes with her One Nation piece.  One has to wonder if this year she'll get the most votes with Anniversaries.  She has some pretty good competition this year though.   The pictures should all be clickable so you can see the entries better.

Sorry about the glare on some of them.  Hard to get a decent picture  when it has glass on it.

OH!  Something exciting happened at the shop while we were away in Nashville.  You know how we used to share the bay we are in with a Vacuum Cleaner store and you know he moved out in September.  Well he left his huge Vacuum Sign on the building when he left and wouldn't take it down.  He wanted us to pay for the removal.  That wasn't going to happen.  So we've been dealing with people still thinking we sell vacuum supplies and vacuums.  Even though we put a sign on the door saying he was gone, they would still come in and ask "So you don't sell vacuum bags anymore?"  We'd politely tell them he moved, they'd ask us either where he went or where the next closest store was (cuz ya know since we used to share the bay we are up on where all the vacuum stores are) and they would go about their merry way.  And we all couldn't wait for the day when the Vacuum sign would come down so we wouldn't have to answer that question a million times a day.  Well on the 24th of February, history was made and vacuum guy had someone take the sign away!!!  Of course our sign went away too as it needs to be re-wired so now we have no sign, but in a few short weeks our sign will be back better than ever.  Before it said:

                                                            VACUUM Framing

His letters were way larger and more visible than ours and the landlord wouldn't give us another 6 inches to put an ampersand between the words and to answer your next question, yes people asked us if we could frame their vacuum.  Of course we always responded with we would be happy to.  Now it will say Framing & Stitching.  Much better.  Much Much better.  One would think that since the sign is gone, the vinyl window decals are gone, and all traces of vacuums are gone that we would be done with people coming in and asking us if we still sell vacuums.  After all, it's been 6 months since he moved out.   But alas that thought would be erroneous.  They read the sign on the door saying he's moved, they come into the shop, look around, see no traces of a vacuum belt or bag anywhere and then ask  if we still sell vacuum supplies!!!  Here's your sign...

And an update on Gracie...she has been off the antibiotic for 2 weeks and is doing okay.  She is still on the prednisone but I will be talking with the vet this week about whether we want to see what happens if we wean her off of them.  I  found a lump that I am hoping is just a fatty tumor but will need to have it checked out and I've noticed she is limping today Not sure what the heck is going on there.  So for now she is holding her own. Thanks to those that inquired about how she is doing.  Here's a pic taken of her earlier today.

Not a very ladylike pose is it.  The dog has no shame whatsoever.

Well if you made it this far, more power to you!  I could go on a bit more but will take pity on you and call it a night.

Thanks for stopping in and thanks for the comments!

Take care till next time!



Valerie said...

I love my Scissors Minder too! Glad Gracie is feeling better!

marly said...

Great exhibit. I'm so glad to hear that Gracie is better and I hope it continues. Love that shameful photo!

pam said...

Great shop story about the vacuum cleaner shop. I am sure for years to come they will still ask-sad I know but true. Glad Gracie is better.

Meari said...

LOL @ pic of Gracie! Celeste never sleeps like that.

All those framed projects look great!

Good riddance to the signs and decals. Hopefully people will stop coming and asking, lol.

Mindi said...

LOL at Gracie's pose, its an exact replica of what Annie does. I call it her "rub my belly" pose.

With all those bodies snuggled up on the loveseat, I can see how you'd need a scissor minder.

Deb said...

The scissors minder is so cute.

I love Gracie's pose. My Bailey does the same thing and I always wonder about taking a picture of it and posting it - these dogs have no shame. o)

Denise said...

Don't feel bad I did not realize they made scissor sitters either, but I am looking for one soon. I am forever losing mine.
Happy Stitching

Veronica said...

Your scissors minder sure is adorable. I've gotta keep those in mind :)

Wow! All those framed pieces at the exhibition. What I wouldn't give to be able to see them in person.


Rachel S-H said...

I like the idea of the scissor sitter!

Who would have thought there was such a demand for vacuums? You could always keep a few in the back, just in case someone is desparate.