Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Anniversary and a Parrot Progress Picture

Good Morning!

Today is my 32nd wedding anniversary,  my how the years have flown by!  And they said it wouldn't last...I'm not sure if we will do anything tonight, I have a full day at work ahead of me and I am usually ready to just chill in the evening and get off my ankle but maybe we'll go out to dinner.  When Dan asked me at 7:00 this morning if I wanted to go out tonight, the idea just didn't appeal at all but I'm sure as the day progresses it will become a much more attractive suggestion.

I  have an update on my Parrot progress.  I feel like I am not getting anywhere when I'm stitching but when I look at the last progress picture I can see that I am.  I'm starting to get excited to see it all finished and framed.  And thoughts of what I will do next are starting to swirl around in my brain.  I have several WIPS at this point and I should get one of them out and work on it for a while but the call of something new is strong in this one, (a take on a Yoda quote) and I am not sure I will be able to resist.  Time will tell, I'm still weeks away from being done.

Yesterday was my day off from the shop.  I spent it cleaning out what was formerly Abby's room.  The brat left it in a very sorry state and shame on me for letting her get away with it.  But at least I know it's clean now.  I found some interesting things hidden that I'm sure she forgot about but I won't share them here.  She'd kill me.  Not that she doesn't deserve it for leaving such a mess.  So now that the room is clean and all the garbage is out of there, I can start on the repair of the walls and the painting.  That purple just has to go!  I haven't decided what I want to do though.  Lots of ideas floating around in my head but I think the looming furnace bill is holding me back somewhat.  I'll have to keep you posted on our progress.  Here's a look at the room before I started on it yesterday.

One of those interesting things I was telling you about

And here's the after:

3 Kleenex boxes??  Okay with the amount of dust I guess I understand!

I've had the pale lavender coverlet in the linen closet for probably 13 years.  At the time, Abby wanted a lavender room and I found the bedding for a good price online and ordered it but she then changed her mind and it has been relegated to the back of the closet all this time.  The quilt top was my very first attempt at quilting and it has some issues.  One of these days, I'm going to send it to my friend Becca and see if she can fix it and do the quilting for me.  I keep waiting for her to say it's my turn.  So far those words have not popped out of her mouth!   For now the bedding works and if I decide to stick with a full size bed I might stick with the lavender bedding too.  Hard to say at this point.  

I'd like to say a quick welcome to the new followers and a thanks to those that take the time to leave comments.  I love comments!

Take care till next time!



Margaret said...

Happy anniversary!!! Your parrot is gorgeous. I just love it! As for Abby's old room -- funny, we're going through that as well! DD's left the nest and we were left cleaning out the room. lol! So I relate to your experience. Interesting leavings and all. :D Good luck doing things with the room. We're taking our time with DD's room.

Meari said...

Happy Anniversary! 32 years is impressive!!

Shame on Amy for having such a messy room to begin with, let alone leaving that way after moving out. Will it be a guest room or a new craft room for you?

Your parrot is so pretty... and colorful.

Cari said...

Congratulations on 32 years of marriage. I'm sure you'll love going out to dinner tonight after working all day. Your parrot is lovely. That is one beautiful piece Julie. I love all of the colors of thread on that beautiful fabric. Sorry about the messy room, but it sure will be fun to redecorate! Have a great week.

Phyllis said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Your parrot is looking the colors.
Have a great day!

Nurdan said...

Congratulations on your 32 years of marriage!

The Parrot is stunning as it is! Lovely colors and indeed lovely pattern!

Greetings from Istanbul

Kay said...

Haha! Had to laugh at what your daughter left behind. Have been in the same situation! Happy 32nd Anniversary, and best wishes for many more.

E.L. Chard said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you decide to head out for a lovely dinner to mark the occasion!
Your parrot is simply gorgeous!!

And the state your daughter left that room in....well, tsk tsk!

Michele said...

Congratulations! 32 years is a feat these days if ever there was one. XD ...I know what you went through cleaning up after your "tornado" left the room. My eldest was one too. She didn't leave any alcohol behind though. LOL [pouts]

Jan said...

Wow, Happy Anniversary! I hope that is a time, that you two can at least share some good memories and possibly make some good ones!

The parrot is so pretty, press on for a fabulous finish. The room looks really great, after your 'visit' the color!

marly said...

Happy anniversary. Hope you had a nice evening. Your bird has the most gorgeous colors and that shade of linen is perfect for them. The room looks great.

Jannie said...

Happy 32nd! Tell Hubby you can't get rid of him now or you'd have to learn how to fold someone else's socks again ( - : Our Daughter's room was like that when she was a teenager. We took a picture and showed the picture to her dates when they came to pick her up. Did it work? Naahhhh. She got over the embarrassment and just moved on. Love the stitching!

valerie said...

happy Anniversary to you and Dan! 32 years is an amazing accomplishment. Love your parrot progress. And great transformation of the room. Can't wait to see what color paint you decide on!

Anonymous said...
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