Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It's Wednesday, it's my day off, it's beautiful out for a mid-January day in Nebraska and how do I get to spend it??  SICK.  I caught the crud.  At least I have lots of company.  Seems like everyone I know is or has been recently sick with one thing or another. Hope I feel better tomorrow cuz I need to get some stretching of cross stitch done at work.  I can't order the frames until I've stretched the pieces and some of them need to be done for the shops annual Needleart Exhibit.  That begins in February.  And if my calculations are correct February is 15 days away.  Just around the corner in fact.  So virus, run your course and then let me get back to normal, I don't have time for this crap.

I wish I had lots and lots of stitching updates for you but in reality retreat planning has been interfering with my stitching time.  Well,that and Rags.  Rags has decided that every time I pick up my stitching she needs to lay on my chest and be petted.  Planning retreat pretty much has taken all the rest of my time.  But I think I've got a handle on retreat for right now with the exception of stitching the retreat project which arrived in my mail box today.  So I will give you an update on what little I have done and then it'll be a while since I obviously can't show the retreat piece until after retreat.

First up is Christmas At HollyBerry Farm by the most wonderful Stacy Nash.  I chose to stitch mine on Weeks Dye works Cocoa, 40 count over 2.

And although I haven't stitched on it since HollyBerry Farm came out, I do have some progress to show you on my Peace Sampler.  Can't wait to get back to it but it's going to be a while I think.

While at Hobby Lobby not too long ago I was heading to the checkout counter when my eyes landed on this sweet piece.

I love it!  I haven't found a spot that's perfect for it yet but then I haven't really tried. Shouldn't be too difficult though.

And finally, just in case you're curious and since the shops newsletter came out today announcing retreat, I thought I'd share our theme for this year.  It's a bit different and I'm betting some are going to wonder what the heck they're in for, but trust me.  It's all good.  If any of you are interested in attending let me know and I can email you all the information.  This years theme is....

The Stinky Feet Retreat!!

And that's all I have for today.  My energy is fading fast so I think I will head over to the sofa, pet Rags until she is in a deep deep sleep and then start stitching the Retreat piece.  

Take care till next time!



Cari said...

Get to the sofa and rest..drink lots and lots of fluids and REST !! I'm sorry you're sick. I decided yesterday to stitch my HollyBerry Farm on WDW Cocoa too. I had a piece laying out and had put the pattern down on it. When I was straightening up I though...Yes...I think that looks just like the fabric I should use for this piece. Great minds MUST think alike. Hope you're feeling better soon.

P.J. said...

Feel better soon Julie! Love your Hollyberry Farm and the Peace Sampler; such vibrant and bold colors. That should bring some cheer to a dreary winter day.

Catherine said...

Feel better soon! I love, love, love Hollyberry Farm!!

Cathi said...

Feel better. I've had it - it's the holly berry farm piece.

Yvonne..... said...

Hey Julie! Can you email me information on the retreat? I can't find the newest newsletter....


Rita said...

I hope you feel better soon.

I love your sampler progress!

Susan said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. There is so much going around - four different things in my area, I'm bound to catch one of them. Beautiful progress on your WIPs.

Mindi said...

I'm still getting over the crud, the cough just seems to linger. Hope you're on the mend soon, rest up and drink lots of good fluids!

Love, love love Holly Berry Farm. I have it kitted up in my stash and have been trying to ignore in and not start anything new right now.

Doreen said...

Ah Julie, I love seeing your projects and your progress. Even with Rags, and planning retreat, you seem to get so much done - I think I may be a little jealous. But rather than give in to the ugly green monster, I'll hold you up as my role model instead.

Love everything in this and your last post. And just so you know, it's easier to count to 3 and 7 than to 46...just saying..... :-)

Feel better soon!

Shiela said...

I'd love to have information about the retreat. You can email me at

I sure hope you are feeling better soon.