Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nashville Market & Jeans

Good Evening!

I planned to do this earlier but I got distracted by my fireplace mantel.  I've been fussing with it now for over a week, trying to make it look good without spending any money.  Easier said than done but I think it's okay for now.  What do you all think?

click on the pic to view larger
 I imagine I'll end up tweaking it some more after I stare at it for a week.  Do any of you do that?  Fuss with something, stare at it for a week and fuss some more?  Once I get the mantel to my liking I'll move on down to the hearth.  It needs some help too but it's not gonna happen today.

 I had this whole list of things I was going to get done today but I've only managed to accomplish a few of them.  I started out at Kohls this morning.  I needed to buy some new jeans.  I can always tell when Nashville Market is coming up because I feel the need to buy new jeans every year, you know, ones that don't have the hem all messed up because I'm short and always buy my jeans too long.  LOL! One would think I would be smart enough after 53 years to buy jeans that aren't too long but it's hard to find my size in a short length.  It's like they think if you're a certain size you must be tall too.  I got news for them, I'm a short fat woman, not a tall or average fat woman!  Hemming them is not an option.  I don't do hemming. Ever.  I don't suppose that anyone would mind or even notice that the hems of my jeans are worn.  It's not like all the other shop people or the designers are going to stop and point and say EWWW...her hem is all ratty.  At least I hope they wouldn't,  they wouldn't would they?  Nah, they wouldn't.  But then again we are women.  And women can be very catty sometimes.  So I would rather err on the side of new jeans and present a fresh, non-ratty appearance so they all point and say look how nice that short fat woman's jeans are! Her hems hardly look worn at all.  This year I did get lucky though.  Not only did I find the short length I require but I am also down a size from last year!  I'm still fat but now I'm a little less fluffy than before which is nice.

After Kohls, I stopped in at the shop to drop something off for Mary Ann and then I headed to the thrift store.  I was looking for some tins but didn't find the size I needed so I headed on down the street to Weathered and Worn.  My in-laws gave me a gift certificate for Christmas and I thought I might want to use it on some items for the mantel.  I didn't find anything for the mantel but I did find a few things that followed me home.

The bobbins that you see in the picture can be attached to the wall by their bottoms and then be used to hang a kitchen towel or whatever else you might want to hang.  I haven't decided where they will go but there were only 4 of them left so I snagged 2 of them.  I have learned not to snooze and lose when it comes to these things.  The shoe form may go back, I haven't decided about it yet.  The flower pillow was too cute to pass up.  It's small enough to tuck in any number of places.

After Weathered and Worn I intended to go on a shoe  hunt.  But by this time my ankle was squawking at me so I just came on home where I piddle farted my way through the rest of the afternoon with the mantel and now here it is 6:00 in the evening and aside from getting jeans I really didn't accomplish a whole lot. Oh well,   there's always this weekend!

I took a break from Holly Berry Farm this week and went back to With Thy Needle's Strawberry Hill Sampler.  This is such a pretty little piece.

Won't be long now and I'll have her finished and then all I need to do is the finishing.   I don't know about you but I have a terrible time finishing my own stuff.  It's gets done eventually but certainly not in a timely manner!

I think that's all I will cover for today.  I have a ton of pics to share of our annual Needleart Exhibit at the shop but I will save them for the next time.  Thanks so much for the comments, they are much appreciated.

Have wonderful evening!

Take care till next time,




Theresa said...

Love those colors in that Strawberry Hill sampler! perfect on the background fabric.
Just stopping in to say hello and enjoy your blog and lovely stitching!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love your mantel! Your project is lovely!!

moosecraft said...

Strawberry HIll is looking great! Thats another design I have on my list (and in my stash)! lol! It always takes me awhile to finish.... and then one day I take the whole day and assembly line them... and they get done. The hardest part is figuring on how to finish them sometimes...

Susan said...

Strawberry Hill is beautiful. Clothes shopping is it's own special brand of torture. Congratulations on finding the right length and the smaller size.

Meari said...

The mantel looks fine. Is that photo of an "adopted" family, or is it actually yours?