Sunday, June 14, 2009

Common Courtesy?

Good Sunday Afternoon Everyone! It's been a beautiful day here today. Dan and I have been outside trimming back the jungle, I mean the bushes in the yard. We've filled our yard waste container, our garbage container, 2 other large garbage cans and 5 large yard waste bags. Obviously the gardener hasn't been doing her job! What the heck does she think she gets paid for? Oh, wait, I'm the gardener and I certainly don't get paid for doing it! Silly me. Do you like my Lily pictured above? The irises quit blooming about a week ago so now it's time for the lillies to do their thing. The daylillies are doing well in the blooming department but the asiatic lillies have been slower. Little orange (above) was my first for this year but this morning when I went out I saw this:

Big red bloomed overnight. I love the color, so intense! Unfortunately I am going to have to move her. And her friends. They have gotten so big and need more space. The question is...where to move them. I'll have to think on that one but right now I'm so tired I can't think of anything but taking a nap.

I would like to know what happened to common courtesy? When did it become acceptable to do things like play basketball till 2 in the morning? Or have (close your eyes if you are easily offended) sex on your back deck till 2 in the morning? Or, like last night, a party in your garage until 2 in the morning, when the cranky, tired, fat old lady across the street finally had enough, looked the address up on the county assessors website, got the owners name, found their phone number in the book and called them to tell them it was time to take the party inside. Their response you ask? I'm sorry, were we being noisy??? You are drunk as a skunk and you want to know if you were being noisy? Give me a break! At least the couple on the deck having sex were amusing to listen to. Up till then I didn't know you could go on like that for hours at a time. Of course we sorta ruined their fun by yelling out the window (close those eyes again!) to finish her off so we could get some sleep! And the thump thump whoosh, thump thump whoosh of the basketball would have continued if we hadn't yelled at them too. So when did it happen? We live in a nice neighborhood. When did we become a society that could care less if anyone else has to get up in the morning? I don't know about you but my momma taught me better manners than that. So, for all of you out there partying, having sex, playing basketball or fighting with your spouse, take it inside after midnight and give us cranky old people a break!


Meari said...

I soooo agree with you about the BBall! I was just commenting to SO last night that it's so rude for neighbors to be playing BBall after dark.

Your lilies look pretty. You should get your DH to pay the gardener! ;-)

Cindy F. said...

AMEN SISTER!!! Our mothers must have been sisters, cause I was raised the same way:)
Beautiful flowers:) Maybe you could leave a tip jar in the garden;)