Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Geranium House is Framed

Good Morning! It's finally going to be a hot one today so I broke down and turned the A/C on. I could handle the heat and humidity but the rest of the people in this house are wimps! It's been a busy couple of days here, the in-laws were down to pick up Dans' aunt from the airport so the house had to be cleaned for that. I had 5 cross stitches to get done for a customer that is moving soon and wanted us to do the framing before she leaves. She has stitched the Sue Hillis maps of all the places she's lived. She has Nebraska and Hawaii yet to stitch and has said she will mail them to us for framing when she gets them done. Abby and her boyfriend could be broke up, she wasn't really sure the last time I talked to her. She went to a College World Series game last night after work and I haven't seen her yet to see if they worked things out. They both have some growning up to do in my opinion. Adam is taking Amy to a CWS game this evening. Amy has never been to one before and it was on her to do list for this summer. I made sure to tell her she was not to get on the bus with the team like her momma did at that age! Adam will keep her out of trouble I'm sure. I used to find that sort of thing fun. Not the bus, well okay that's a lie, the bus was fun but I was referring to the games. Now, you have to go so early, park 3000 miles away, people are rude, it's just not so fun anymore. Somewhere along the way I have become a fuddyduddy. Is that a familiar term to you? Or is it a family thing? What it means is, I am a stick in the mud. I have become what I swore I never would. B.O.R.I.N.G. I find I'm not really all that upset about it. Which makes it even worse. Oh, well, I am what I am I suppose. Maybe it'll swing back the other way when I'm 80 and I'll be one of those cool old people jumping out of planes on their birthday! Do you suppose they do that to make themselves feel young again or because dementia has set in and they don't know any better? Guess I'll have to wait 30 years and see!!

On the stitchy side of things, I started the new freebie from Plum Street Samplers. Paulette lives here in the Omaha area. We haven't met but I'm hoping she'll find her way to our shop sometime. I've talked to her about a trunk show for fall so we'll see. I've also been working on 12 dancing Princesses, darn confetti stitches take forever! I'll update my progress on that in a day or so. Finally, I've framed up Geranium House. Such a pretty chart!

I think it turned out quite well. I debated on the frame but stuck with my original thought on it.

So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight ! Just a reminder to those of you that maybe haven't tuned in. You really should. Oh! Did anyone watch the new show on TNT last night? Hawthorne was the name of it, with Jada Pinkett Smith. It was good. I'd watch it again. And lets not forget about Saving Grace. Or skanky ho cop as we like to call her. The new season started last night also. And The Closer started last week. I can remember when summer was a barren desert where TV was concerned. Thanks TNT. I appreicate having new things to watch while stitching in the summer! Keep up the good work!

Well, I best get myself moving here. Gotta pack my lunch, eat breakfast, brush my teeth and head to work. Amy needs the car today, she has a journalism meeting this morning so I have to go in a bit earlier than usual.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Glenna said...

I love how Geranium House looks in that frame--spectacular job!

As for the jumping out of planes on the 80th birthday--I can't figure that out. People seem to have a shortage of imagination about what they want to accomplish--jumping out of a plane, running a marathon, climbing everest. Trite! We need to think of something more interesting than those things! Maybe finishing up my WIP pile would do it for me.

I laughed at your previous post too, about noisy stuff at night. We have next-door neighbors who like to loudly have sex in their hot tub. One night she woke us up, screaming "Lego my Eggo!" It is now very hard to keep a straight face when we encounter them; somehow breakfast comes to mind.

Love to Stitch said...

Julie, I am thrilled you found my blog! It is great find new ones to look at and be inspired!! What a wonderful job--custom framing, you have the pick of the litter!! Geranium House is fabulous, love the frame!! Cant wait to find out what is next!!

Deb said...

I love how your piece finished up! It's so pretty! And I love the frame too.

Kathy said...

That frame is perfect!