Monday, October 5, 2009

Food, Decorating and Stitching....all my favorites

Happy Monday Everyone!

It's October. Already. Before we really ever got going on summer. The days are getting shorter and shorter, the temps have dropped to below my comfort zone of 75 by 20 degrees and everything is turning brown. Can you tell it's not my favorite time of the year?? So to cheer myself up, I set up my Halloween Diorama. It usually sits on the hearth in the family room but this year I decided to put it in the library so the piano students could enjoy it. I hope you do too!

I know, most of you don't like Monday's and I am the same 99% of the time. But today I was happy to see it. Do you ever have one of those weekends when your family, as much as you love them, drives you insane?? That's the kind of weekend I had. The girls couldn't say a civil word to each, they haven't done their laundry in I don't know how long and my upstairs smells like dirty clothes and then they were fighting over who got to use the washer. God knows we wouldn't want to cooperate and do our laundry together. Then there is the crap that over the weekend they have managed to spread throughout the entire house. We are not talking little kids here. No, everyone in this house is an adult and should be able to clean up after themselves. But it didn't happen. I counted the pairs of tennis shoes, flip flops, dress shoes and slippers that were left around. 10! Ten pairs of shoes. There are only 4 of us living here. And none of them belonged to me. The dishwasher is another bone of contention. How hard is it to open the door of the dishwasher and load your glass? It's not rocket science! The gist of this whole rant is.....I'm glad it's Monday. I don't have to see them or hear them until this evening and for today at least, that makes me smile with relief.

I'm waiting on the furnace people to show up today. I turned the furnace on Saturday and Sunday morning we all had headaches and queasy tummies. Shut the furnace off and opened the door a bit and we all felt better. It's probably nothing but better safe than sorry.

I've made some progress on my Signs of Fall, it's stitching up relatively quickly for me. At least it was until last night when I had to frog quite a bit of it. I need to spend less time on the computer and more time actually stitching or I am never going to finish most of what I want to stitch. But I'm sure I am not alone there!

Mmmmmm. Can you smell it? Come on, take a deep whiff....I'm sure you'll be able to smell the pumpkin loaf I made this morning. It's done and it smells delicious! The bread is glazed and is all ready for eating so come on over, we'll have a cup of tea and piece of pumpkin bread and talk stitching. I'll be waiting!

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! See ya soon!


staci said...

Yummm...your pumpkin bread looks divine!

Enjoy your quiet house ;)

Margie said...

nummy! pumpkin loaf. One of my favorites. :-)

Deb said...

Oh my gosh do I love your diorama with the Barbie dolls. What a great idea!!

And that pumpkin loaf looks wonderful too.

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

YUM, that looks really yummy! I sure wish I had a slice! :0) And, I TOTALLY, TOTALLY feel your pain. When we designed this house, we specifically designed a 'kids' nook' right inside the garage door so that all the shoes, book bags, coats, etc. could go there instead of all over the floor, on the table, on the island, etc. Yeah, right! *rolls eyes* That is the ONLY place that everything DOESN'T go. All the shoes end up in the family room and the book bags on the table. It drives me crazy! I'm always tripping over the shoes and the island is always cluttered with mail and other junk. UUGGHHH!!! I guess some things just never change no matter how much you plan or what you do.

Well, I hope you continue to enjoy your week. I'm thinking about you and love ya lots!

Teresa <><

Carol said...

I just discovered your lovely blog! Ooh--that pumpkin loaf looks delicious... and what I wouldn't give for your craft room! Amazing... :)

Julie M said...

Hi Carol! Glad you found me!

Cari said...

I don't want to scare you but.... furnace on, queasy stomach, headache..... feel better when house is aired out.... could be carbon monoxide poisoning. Please check it out to be safe.

And, I'd love to come over for your yummy pumpkin bread and a spot of tea!! Hugs !!

wausie said...

Looks DELISH!!!! and so formal...aren't you just the talented lady...cute diorama. Just thinking of you and your room makes me smile!

santadeb said...

Wow, fancy tea and all that for the picture, too much time on your hands lady!LOL! The bread looks great, gluten free or Amy is deprived?
I hope you continue to enjoy your week, we are a tad warmer today!


Anonymous said...

I want a piece...or two or three...and I want tea out of that beautiful cup!! Love the diorama!! Clever girl!!
Funny...I had one of those weekends also!! I was almost tempted to go help Amber pack!! LOL!!

idontknow said...

I'm so sorry I missed this post, I just love how you take something that is not so fun to talk about (like kids and their messes) and make it funny!

I love the stitching, just beautiful, oh, and while I'm sure it is gone, I'll have a piece of that bread too!