Thursday, October 8, 2009

The "S" Word

I hate the "S" word. Well, hate is pretty harsh, let's just say I dislike intensely the "S" word. I know, it's only 4 letters. But they are 4 very ugly dirty letters and they make up an ugly little word. Some people love the "S" word and think nothing of throwing it around like confetti. I just don't happen to agree with them. Those that use this dirty little word are not my favorite people in the world. In fact, I have been known to use a rude hand gesture when people on the TV use that particular word. And last night was one of those nights. Every other word out of their mouths was the "S" word. Didn't matter what channel my TV was on. There it was. Nasty.dirty.word.

My one daughter had a 5th teacher that actually banned the use of this word in her classroom. If the students used it, they had to write an essay on the word. At the time I thought that was a bit harsh, I mean you can't go around banishing a word from the English language just because you don't like it. Flash forward to today and I find myself agreeing with her. More and more all the time. This teacher requested the children use an alternate word for the "S" word. Her preference was "Frozen Precipitation". I don't know though, frozen precipitation man just doesn't roll off the tongue like snow man does. Neither does frozen precipitation storm. That's right folks I am talking about snow. The dreaded white stuff that falls from the sky, makes the road slickery and generally means the temperatures have to be below 32 degrees. Which means, it's cold out. I do not like the cold. I will never like the cold. That's why I designed this cross stitch piece. So everyone knows how I feel. In case you can't read the little sign the rabbit is holding, it says... somewhere else. I don't mind the snow so long as it is somewhere I am not.

I especially don't like the cold in October when we are still supposed to have 70 degree weather. But last night every freaking TV weatherman was talking about how we are going to have the dreaded "S" word this weekend. IN OCTOBER. If I'd have had a shotgun, I might have done some damage to the new TV my son bought us. Good thing all I had close to hand was my middle finger and my cross stitch needle. Neither of which did a whole lot of damage, but not for lack of trying. My only hope is that the weathermen are, as usual, wrong about the forecast. I'll keep ya updated. In the meantime, I have dug out my wool socks, my extra blankets, my hot cocoa and my chicken tortilla soup recipe in preparation for the big freeze. Let's all hope I don't need them.

In other news....anyone here play bejeweled on facebook? I'm an addict and they just the other day launched a new version. I think it has made it easier to get a high score than the old version. But since my score is now one of the highest in the world (their words, not mine) I've gotta say I like this new version! :) How I got a 300,000 plus score is beyond me cuz it wasn't anything I did but I'll take it!

The new TV season is off to an okay start. So You Think You Can Dance has been good. Looks to be another great season of dancing. I like the new Christian Slater show The Forgotten. I also like The Good Wife. But I have to watch that one online. It's on opposite The Forgotten I think.

While I've been watching the new season of TV I've been getting some good stitching time in. Here's the last couple of days progress on Signs of Fall. Which should be Signs of Winter I guess since we've skipped right over Fall!

That's it for today folks. I'll leave you with a picture of the sunset I took the other night from my front porch. I thought it was pretty. Have a great day, thanks for stopping in and commenting. I love comments! See ya soon!


Sarah said...

I couldn't agree with you more! We have flag football for my oldest son Saturday morning and I plan on huddling under an afghan with my youngest son with something hot to drink. Then we'll go home and light the fireplace and I probably won't move from there all day!


santadeb said...

Well Julie you KNOW I agree totally with your feelings, I fortunately do not HAVE to go out in the weather somedays and will hopefully not have too when it is so WINTERlike...we shall see. You are making a lot of progress on your piece, wish I could say the same.


Daffycat said...

I don't mind the S*** but ICE I can do without. My feelings are if it HAS to be cold at least it can be pretty. But does it HAVE to be cold in October. If it's already getting cold whazzit going to be in a couple of months???

Sorry for your early winter!

idontknow said...

Too funny.. you almost had me there. Yes, who ordered this weather? I want sunny days, with just a slight chill in the air, to walk in the woods with the crisp leaves under my feet!

Beautiful sunset picture.

Great score on the Bejewled. And we won't mention to your other followers how you managed to get me addicted, but at least it isn't a harmful addiction!