Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Not so Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!!

I'm sorry to say I'm not really in the Valentine mood. Things with Missy are not good. Her back has improved but due to the muscle weakness she has been falling a lot and has blown out her right back knee. When they did the x-rays of the knee they also included her back and her liver as the ER vet had mentioned her liver was enlarged. Nothing showed up with regards to her back as far as boney changes go but it did show an enlarged liver so we ran the necessary blood tests to see what was up. She does appear to have some kind of liver disease which they are going to treat with medicine for the moment. If the medicine doesn't work, they would like to do an ultra sound to see if there is any kind of a mass in the liver. That runs between $300-400. They won't even address the knee issue until the liver issue is under control but it would require surgery so we're looking at somewhere around $1500.00 in vet bills and Dan says he doesn't want to spend the money for that. He would rather spend it on college tuition or fixing the rotting garage door or Abby's car. My head understands where he's coming from but my heart doesn't which is why I'm not in the Valentine's Day mood. When he asked what I wanted for V-day I told him I didn't want or need anything. He didn't listen to me though. I found the 3rd season of Army Wives on the kitchen table this morning.

Speaking of Abby's car.....we filed a police report earlier this week and they came out to investigate. In their opinion, a snow plow hit her car or someone with a plow on the front of their truck. We haven't taken it in yet to see what it would cost to fix but for those who asked, we did keep full coverage on it however our deductible is $1000.00.

I framed this up for Mary Ann last week. I think it turned out spiffy! I like how the grain of the wood mimics the overdyed threads.

Stitching time has been scarce this last week but I'll share what I have gotten done. Just a teeny tiny part on Quaker Diamonds, the Z and the two diamond shapes to the left of it.

I've gotten past the area of concern on the Princesses and I don't think you can tell that I stitched one row twice which means I don't have to rip anything out. Last night I stitched on the darn thing for 3 hours and only got a hundred stitches done. Very frustrating!!



Oh! I need to share this, Amy has her very first official date tonight. She doesn't think it is a date because "V" didn't actually say would you like to go on a date. BUT! He is picking her up, they are going to that Valentines Day movie, it's Valentines day and he drove by the house yesterday just to make sure he knew where we lived so he wouldn't get lost tonight when he comes to pick her up. To me that says date! What do you think?

Thursday Mary Ann and I will be leaving for our trip to the Nashville Market. We're driving so I hope the weather will be good. Adam is going to loan me his laptop so if I can figure out how to get on line I'll try to keep you updated on our trip and the show although I know they say no pictures can be taken at the show.

Here's a question for you, has anyone here ever stitched with Sullivans Floss? They will be at the show, they apparently have all the same colors as DMC, and supposedly better quality. I'm just curious as to whether anyone has ever used it and did you like it or not.

Enjoy the rest of your Valentines Day everyone and thanks for stopping by and commenting!



Robin said...

Sorry to hear you are not having a good day considering the news from the vet. Oh the other hand, I have to agree,....sounds like a date to me! I hope she has a great time. Your finish of Merry Christmas looks great and I think you are right about the frame. And best of all......heading for Nashville. Oh that is heaven. When CATS was still active my daughter's and I would plan an annual girls weekend and the three of us would enjoy each other and the market place and the classes. Hope the weather agrees with you and maybe someday I'll get to Nashville. I wonder if I can trick my husband to going? He wants to go to spend 4 or 5 days and I say why not at the same time! OMG No I don't think I need him to see how much I spend. lol Enjoy!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Yes, I am currently stitching with sullivans Floss. I say a little difference as far as not tangling as much....our shop reduced the price to get us to try it...
Sorry to hear about your pet. We did some treatments on our beloved pet. She got better and then worse again. I wish we had tried another round of meds...I miss her more than I ever wishes with that. Dianntha

Carole said...

Julie - so sorry to hear about Missy. Hope things work out for the better. I hate it when our pets are hurting.

I used one skein of Sullivan's in the past, simply because I was in a hurry and Hancock Fabric is the closest to me and that is what they carry. Frankly, I couldn't really tell any difference. I know when they say "comparable to DMC# whatever, the time I did a comparison the colors weren't even close. Would be okay if you were starting new with the Sullivans but you could never substitute one for the other on a started project, IMHO.

Have fun at Market. How I wish I was going with you. I am going to go to the shop and see if I can Jim to sell me the entire inventory for a dollar!


mbroider said...

Ah, 100 stitches in 3 hours - dont worry, i have been there too.

QD looks great - i love that chart to bits, and it is a treat to see this as a WIP in blogs

Siobhan said...

I'm so sorry about Missy. Big hugs. I can understand how you feel.

QD looks great!! Fantastic fabric choice.

Dianne said...

Sorry about the day! I love all of your stitching though!

santadeb said...

So sorry about Missy, I can see both sides of the arguement and will be tough either way. I just hope you can keep her out of pain.

QD is looking great, glad you didn't have to tear out the Princesses...those over-ones are a bear and I have what...five going!!!LOL!

Kim B said...

So sorry to hear about things with sweet Missy. And the car - ugh! No wonder you're not Valentine-y. But your stitching is beautiful and that framing is perfection!

Shelleen said...

sorry to hear about your pet. I am sure you will make the decision that is right for your pet. I also say that is a date!! Tell us how it went :-)

Cari said...

Oh Julie, I am so sorry to hear about Missy. We love our pets don't we? Big, big hugs to you! Your stitching is lovely too. :) Stay warm and have a safe trip to market. (house update pics soon)

idontknow said...

Julie, I just want to say, sorry for all the crappy things going on in your life, but yeah for the happy things. Have a safe trip to Nashville..

Meari said...

Sorry about Missy. :( Ouch on the car, too.