Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OOPS!! It happened again!!!

It's another cold and gloomy day here in Nebraska but at least we haven't been slammed with snow like the east coast has! Thank God for small favors! Meari asked in the comments last time where I was from. I'm in Papillion Meari which is just outside Omaha. Just a couple hours from Des Moines.

Our trip to Des Moines was good. The roads weren't too bad, we drove right to where we needed to go thanks to the help we got from my friend Eloise. She loaned us her her Garmin. Handy little device to have on a trip! Amy feels she did as well as she could in the competition and that is all we can ask for. 400 seniors are vying for the 6 full ride scholarships and 10 tuition only scholarships and they are all the best of the best. We are keeping good thoughts in our heads about it but it's going to be a long wait until the end of March when we find out the results! Right now her focus is on getting her portfolio ready to send in to the Journalist of the Year competition. We are having a bit of a problem with it though. The competition rules state that she needs an official copy of her transcripts open and in the portfolio. The school refuses to give her an official copy unless it is in a sealed envelope. Amy showed them the rules of the competition but it did not matter to them. It's a sealed envelope or nothing. I hate schools. Why do they have to make everything so difficult for the students who actually are trying hard in school and so easy for the slackers??? I could rant for quite a while on this subject but I won't. While I was in Des Moines, I visited the last remaining (to my knowledge anyway) cross stitch store. To say I was disappointed in the store and the staff would be an understatement. I found absolutely no reason to ever return. There was no greeting from the staff, no asking if we were looking for anything or needed help of any kind. I found very few new items and although it is a wealth of older charts, I found it hard to browse because of the sheer content. If you are looking for something older this would be a great place to look but you need to know what it is you are looking for. And don't expect a warm fuzzy from the ladies there. You won't get it. At least I didn't and I have heard the same from others.

Moving on.....our luck with cars just continues to amaze me. Yesterday Abby went out to her car to leave for school and she found this:

Close up of the worst of it:

Yep! Someone sideswiped her car and drove off. Thanks a lot people! !!*@!!!**#** We just paid off the car last month. I am so mad I could spit nails but that's not going to do any good.

I have an update on Quaker Diamonds finally. I feel like I have been stitching and stitching on this and making no progress at all but I guess when I compare the before and after pictures I am making some progress, just not enough to suit me. I need to get this one finished and framed for the cross stitch exhibition the shop is hosting in April. I'm not eligible to win any of the prizes but I'd still like to have it up for the show.

Here is was at the end of January:
and here it is as of last night:

I need to get Missy girl to the vet this morning so I am going to leave you with......Have a Terrific Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'll see ya in a few days!


staci said...

Argh! So sorry about your daughter's car. I can't believe (well I guess I should but you know what I mean) that someone would do that and then just drive off.

You've made some fantastic progress on QD, it's really looking good!

Deb said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter's car! I had something like that happen to mine this weekend - although my DH was the culprit when he opened the side doors on the van and then proceeded to back out catching one of the doors on the edge of the garage door opening. Anyway, it's always amazing that people will just drive off when they've done something like that

Great progress on your Quaker The colors are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm not understanding correctly, but couldn't your daughter get a copy of her transcript in a closed envelope and then open it and put it in her file? My daughter's in the same situation now, looking for and putting in for scholarships. Our school only gives transcripts in sealed envelopes.


Meari said...

Well darn, I was hoping you were on *this* side of Des Moines, LOL.

That's a major scratch on the car. Wow. Hopefully insurance will pay for it.

dixiesamplar said...

Oh, how awful about Amy's car! And I am with you on the whole school angst...had a similar problem with my college and transcripts being sealed. I just opened it when I got home and put it in the envelope myself! Good Lord, it's not like you can alter it without someone detecting it...and if you are already a straight-A student, what exactly would you be altering anyway??!! So silly!!

I think you have made a ton of progess on Diamonds, and it's lovely as well!!

Hope Missy is well and happy!


Maggie said...

Sorry about your daughters car, don't suppose theres any chance of finding out the culprit though!

I'm interested to see your progress on QD,(it's looking good BTW) I started this last week and i am starting to know what you mean about not feeling your making progress.

Danielle said...

Sorry about the car. People can be such a**holes. Quaker Diamonds looks so great! Love it.

Diane said...

Quaker Diamonds looks great. I don't see any reason you wouldn't win any prizes with it at the exhibition.

Terrible about your daughter's car. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. I work in an isurance agent's office and we get tons of claims like yours. I hope you kept the collision coverage so you only have to pay the deductible.

mbroider said...

Good luck to Amy!! And QD is looking stunning:)

Kristin said...

Oh that really sucks about her car.

Quaker Diamonds looks awesome!

Rachel S said...

That stinks about her car! Acccckkkk. I will cross my fingers about her scholarship

Kim B said...

Who hits a car and drives off?! My brother-in-laws brand new car was hit in the front bumper and the culprit drove off too! LAME!

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry about your daughter's car!! That is terrible. I hope it isn't too painful (read: costly) to get it fixed.

Your Quaker piece looks great! Wonderful choice for fabric!

Prayers continue for your Missy girl. I know how much it hurts to see your fur babies not be well.