Friday, February 5, 2010

Stitching, migraine and dog updates

Just a quickie post today (yeah right) since I have errands, laundry and packing to do before we leave this afternoon. Can't remember if I mentioned it or not but we are headed to Des Moines this afternoon so Amy can compete for a scholarship to Drake. Of course it would have to be snowing and the roads are in crappy condition but I'm hoping that by this afternoon they will be okay. Dan is staying home as he teaches on Saturdays so Adam volunteered to drive us. I don't drive the interstate if I can possibly avoid it.

Had to take Amy to a chiropractor this week in an effort to get her relief from her migraine and I'm happy to report it worked! I was skeptical but she started feeling better within hours and today has no pain. Even her back which normally gives her a lot of grief after piano lessons was feeling good yesterday, first time in years that has happened.

Missy pup is not doing so well. Do they make doggy chiropractors? Last night as I was watching her trying to get through the snow and continually falling down I cried. She's not in a lot of pain but it really hurts me to see her struggling like that. We will be trying a new steroid to see if she can tolerate that and if not I don't know what I will do. If you don't mind, could you send up a little prayer that she tolerates the new steroid? I would really appreciate it.

No stitchy updates today as I have been spending most of my stitchy time removing stitches instead of putting them in. I hope to have and update on Quaker Diamonds on Sunday. I have however, decided I have no choice but to add this

to my ever growing pile of stash that will never get stitched. I actually wrote to the artist Randall Spangler, begging him to allow HAED to chart this masterpiece and never received a reply but I'm happy to say someone must have listened because it is now available. I want it, I want it now and I need to start stitching on it now. Wouldn't it look awesome in my Library? I have a feeling it is another of those 30 year projects!!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll check back in on Sunday! Thanks for stopping in and special thanks for the comments.


Margie said...

There are doggie chiropractors and I have taken my dogs to them. I can also recommend a product called Dog Gone Pain. It's an herbal remedy from Australia. Everyone that I've recommended it to has had great success with it. Just put Dog Gone Pain in your web browser and you'll find lots of info on it online. I buy mine from vendors on eBay.

Maggie said...

Yuck, migraine, can so understand th epain, had one for 3 day this week! hope Amy is feeling much better now.

You are heading up to my favourite author (Bill Bryson's) birth place, have fun i hope Amy gets her scolorship. Hope your doggy is better soon too, poor thing

Kristin said...

Good luck with the scholarship for Amy.

There are doggie chiropractors and I hear they are just as wonderful as the people ones.

Doreen said...

Thinking of all of you - how did Amy do? Saying prayers for Missy.

I love the new design you plan to stitch. It will look PERFECT in your libary, and the way you stitch, it will be finished in six months. Want to bet? If it's finished by then, you can start on Faery Tales, for me! :-)

Meari said...

Des Moines? Where are you from originally? Hope the competition went well.

I can also attest to chiro adjustments getting rid of migraines. I get them a lot and my chiro can fix me right up!

Kim B said...

Migraines are the worst! I've never been brave enough to try the chiropractor though. Beautiful HAED!

Terri said...

I'm glad Amy is doing better. Chiropractors are great. I suffer from Migraines as well and love how I feel. There is actually some chiro's that will adjust dogs.

Tanisha Muench said...

It’s great to hear that going to a chiropractor worked well for Amy’s migraine. That headache must have been connected to her back pains, and that’s why the spinal manipulation relieved her from that as well. I hope she’s okay now, and the chiropractic sessions cured all her pains for the long run. Stay healthy!

Tanisha Muench @ U.S. HealthWorks