Monday, February 1, 2010

The Princess Problem

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was busy but good. We had Last Saturday Stitching on Saturday (duh!). Over my very loud objections, certain people disregarded my wish to not have a birthday party and they went ahead and managed to pull off a surprise party in my honor. I'm not a birthday party person but I have to admit, the ladies outdid themselves! The gifts were wonderful, thoughtful, funny and some will add to my already ample hips, stomach and thighs! The cards were hilarious and the company was the best! Thanks Everyone for making my 50th so memorable! I'll never forget what you did.

I am really pizzed with myself. Last night as I was stitching along on the princesses, I discovered that about 9 hours of stitching ago.....I duplicated a line of stitching. I'm hoping this is not going to be a huge problem that requires me to rip out 9 hours of over one stitching, but there is always the chance that it will be. If I had stayed with just stitching 10 stitches wide I'd be positive it wouldn't be a problem but since I oozed a bit over in a couple of places......grrrrrrrrrr!

last update:


Amy is on day 5 of a migraine. I took her in to the Dr. yesterday. Our appt. was at 10:10. We weren't even called back until 11:15. Then we had to sit through the nurse asking questions, the Med Student Exam, then another 20 minute delay until the Dr. actually showed his face. He then asked all the same questions, barely examined her and headed out the door telling us he would fax some scripts over to the pharmacy. Didn't tell us what he was faxing over, didn't say what to do if the headache didn't get better, nothing. We headed to the pharmacy before going home, a 25 minute drive, to pick up the scripts and I am informed it will be a 15-30 minute wait as they need to call the Dr. office to confirm the faxed scripts did indeed come from the Dr. He prescribed steroids and a narcotic pain killer. Nothing for her stomach in case of stomach upset from the steroids or pain killer. Had I known what he prescribed, I would have asked for some phenergan. But in this new age of computerized everything, you don't get a hard copy and by the time I made it to the exam room door, he was already in the next room. So now.....not only does her head hurt but her stomach is a mess too. We've been going to the same Dr for 23 years. I think it's time to find a new one, don't you?

Dan is off having the taxes done tonight. I keep getting calls from him with questions like how much is Abby's tuition? How much did Abby make last year, what is Amy's birthdate? This happens every year. Got a new one tonight though. Would I like to put $2000.00 in an IRA account for my retirement? Sure I replied, sounds like a great idea! Who's giving us the $2000.00? Apparently, we're supposed to provide it!! Imagine that! No thanks, I'll pass.

I'm going to head on over to my stitching chair now and work on the Quaker Diamonds, so everyone have a wonderful evening and thanks for stopping by and commenting!


santadeb said...

I hope Amy is doing better and that you find you can live with the error in Princesses...too much work to tear out!!! Am hoping you get a refund or at least don't have to PAY...

Catherine said...

Oh I do hope Amy is feeling better. I would definitely look for a second opinion. Sounds like he didn't even try to find the cause of the headaches, he's just treating the symptoms.


Can't wait to see your progress on Quaker Diamonds!

Jan said...

First Happy 50th. Second sorry about the Pricesses. Hopefully it will work out. Third hope Amy feels better soon and get a second opinion. I would also let the doc know how disappointed you are after being a loyal patient for 23 years. That just sucks LOL.

Rachel S said...

I hope she feels better. Yes, it's time for a new doctor.

I am so sorry about your project. That would stink. Fingers crossed that you don't have to pick.

Terri said...

Your stitching is wonderful. I hope Amy is doing a lot better. I'm sorry about the Doctor but I feel you need to find someone that will actually take the time for you. I personally would of ripped him out of that other room and said you are not done here at all.