Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the crackle and sizzle of electricity??  That's not static electricity my friends.  No siree bob.  That is lightning striking twice!!!  Two posts from me in the same week??  Inconceivable!  LOL!!  I'm trying to be a better blogger this year.  We'll see how long it lasts before life steps in and blows it all to pieces.

In my last post I spoke of all the preparation that went into getting ready for Adam and his girlfriend.  One thing I didn't mention was the lack of a dresser in the guest room.  My sister needed a chest of drawers for her sons room at least 6 months ago and since we didn't really use the one in the guest room I told her she could have that one.  We'd find something else.  Which we did.  A rough around the edges antique walnut dresser that we fell in love with at the thrift store.  Dan loves walnut and the bones were good, it just needed some love.  A lot of love.   When Adam told me he would be bringing M home after the holidays I told Dan the dresser would need to be done before their arrival.  In typical Dan fashion...he waited until the last minute.  Now in his defense he did have other things going the kitchen and the island.   In fact when I thought he was out in the garage working on the dresser, he was actually working on the island so you can imagine the panic I felt when it was January 1 and the dresser was more or less untouched.  Rising to the challenge, in spite of not understanding why having a dresser in the guest room was necessary, he worked his fingers to the bone and pulled off a miracle.  Literally.  Dan does not ever use an electric sander.  He prefers to do all the sanding by hand.  And it was a lot of sanding to get down to the bare wood.  I only have one before picture to show you but it clearly illustrates the amount of work that needed doing.  The left side Dan has sanded, the right is the original finish.

Wow huh?  He spent hours out in the cold garage sanding and staining and moaning and groaning and cursing, and while he might not agree, I think it was worth it.  What do you think?

It shares the room with an antique walnut bed.  Handmade in the 1800's, I first saw it in a store here in Omaha that was part antiques and part Barbies.  It was covered in Barbies and Barbie paraphernalia.  What a waste that was.  Originally, I bought the bed to go in Amy's Harry Potter bedroom.

It worked quite well in there, but after outgrowing her HP room, she wanted something more modern looking and the bed was moved to the guest room.  I think the two pieces were meant to be together.  What do you think?

The visit with M went well.  She was nervous, we were nervous, but I think she had a nice visit and we look forward to getting to know her better the next time.  It was unfortunate that the coldest weather we have had so far this winter coincided with their visit.  Of course the temps moderated once they left.  At least there wasn't snow while she was visiting!

And on the stitching update of The Inn at Fox River Mill.  I'd say I am almost half done.  I'm also working on another piece but I'll save that for next time.

Thank you to all that posted about Gracie.  She is doing fine at the moment.  Still on the antibiotic though so we won't know if they worked until she is done with it.  I'll keep ya posted.

I need to eat breakfast and round my stuff up for work so I better get my butt up off this chair and get moving.  Thanks for all the comments on my last post!   Have a wonderful day everyone!

Take care till next time!!



Mouse said...

ohhhhhh tell him he has done an absolutely fabulous job on that dresser ... and looks great in the room too ... glad the visit went well and oooo you have done a lot of stitching on the mill too :) love mouse xxxx

Denise said...

The dresser looks awesome! He did a wonderful job. The bed and dresser were meant to be!

Glad the visit went well. A new Daughter in love to cherish!

Minnie said...

I think the bed and dresser are perfect together and hubby did a great jog. Glad the visit went well and hope Gracie continues to improve.Your stitching is going great keep it up.

Nancy said...

Your husband did a beautiful job on that dresser! The bed and dresser look so good together!

Lovely stitching progress!

pam said...

The dresser looks great. Walnut is a interesting wood.Love the progress in the INN as well. Keep up the good work.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful bedroom ~ yes, the bed and the dresser are great together!
Glad the visit went well and that Gracie is improving.

Daniela said...

The dresser looks wonderful. Dan did a really great job on it. And it fits perfectly in the guest room.
Love your progress on the fox river mill.

Rachel S-H said...

Your husband did a wonderful job with that dresser. GORGEOUS!

Susan said...

The dresser is stunning! And yes it goes perfectly with the bed. My great-grandmother had a bed almost exactly like that one. Great progress on The Inn at Fox River Mill.

Margaret said...

You're right. That dresser and bed were made to go together. Well done Dan

Anonymous said...

Julie - I just read your last 2 posts. You poor thing! Your posts are so entertaining. I laugh and get sad and laugh - mostly laugh ( - : Your writing reminds me of Erma Bombeck's writing. Hope things are really calming down for you. Enjoy your stitcing - beautiful work. Jannie