Sunday, January 29, 2012

Warning! Nausea ahead!!

Good Sunday Morning!

I had planned to get up and clean this morning and then I remembered I have a wedding reception to go to and if I clean I will have to shower again.  With these darn hot flashes, I am just a mess after I clean anymore. What a great excuse to just play today instead of doing what I should be doing, right?  At least that's what I'm telling myself!  If you think otherwise, do you mind keeping it to yourself?  I don't want my bubble burst when I've gone to so much trouble creating it.

I promised last time that I would show you the other project I am working on.  As you might recall, we're going to have a display of Little House and Country Cottage designs in the shop in May.  I figured I should help to create the best display possible so in the spirit of the things I am stitching one chart from each designer.  I know, I know.  It's a real hardship I tell ya, just finding a cute chart in the hundreds that are available was a chore in itself,  but what's a person supposed to do??  It was my idea after all, so I sucked it up and chose Little House's The Inn at Fox River Mill (seen in my previous post) and Forest Snowfall from Country Cottage.  I'm stitching it on 40ct Pearl Grey linen over 2 using the called for colors except the Deep Fennel has been replaced by Belle Soie Ocean Tide.  Deep Fennel just wasn't cutting it for me.  This is such a soft looking piece, very soothing.  I've just hated every minute of it...NOT!!

Since Gracie has been ill, I have taken to locking the two dogs up in the bathroom when we leave the house.  If there is an accident I can at least find it easily instead of hunting on my hands and knees nose to the floor like a bloodhound scenting it's prey.  Those that actually know me are probably wishing right now that I hadn't put that image in their head...the picture isn't me.   Anyway, I put a baby gate across the opening so they can see out and not get claustrophobic but apparently one of them is not terribly happy with this situation.  Dan came home from work the first night to see this...

When Dan told me about finding Kallie on the counter when he got home he was all concerned about how long she might have been stuck up there.  I, on the other hand was more concerned that she might not be stuck up there.  Kallie has species confusion and has a tendency to think she's a feline instead of a canine.  Cat's do not have a problem jumping and my concern was she might try to jump from the counter over the gate and onto the floor.  But I was hoping she wouldn't be that brave.  I was hoping in vain.  The next day I once again locked them in the bathroom and turned around to get my coat.  Hearing movement behind me I spun around just in time to see Kallie attempting a dive worthy of an Olympic gold medalist!  I swear she did a triple twist with a tuck before losing her form and landing flat on her back only to spring back up and leap into my arms.  I didn't even have time to yell stay at her before this brilliant feat of gymnastics.  I was so worried she might have hurt herself,  but apparently she really is half cat and seems none the worse for wear.  We've now taken to blocking off the toilet (her springboard to the counter) and this seems to be taking care of the problem.  For now.  Until Houdini figures out another way to escape!

Yesterday was Last Saturday Stitching at the shop. We have stitching on the second and last Saturday of every month and our group of ladies has grown from the 4 we started out with in the beginning 2 years ago, to between 20 and 25 now.

It's such an awesome group of women, from beginners to experts, some young, some not so young, stitching on such diverse projects. When I look back 2 years to our very humble beginnings and see how much we've grown, I am in awe and I thank God that he brought them all into my life.  I look forward to our stitching days and hate the months that have 5 Saturdays as there is a longer gap between stitching.  Thank you ladies for all of your support over the last couple of years, for taking time out of your busy lives to come and stitch at the shop.  For the awesomely good food you bring, for the laughter, the companionship, and lets face it for the money you spend on supplies and framing.  Without you and your support we wouldn't exist.  And while the shop closing would be a loss...for me, losing all of you would be a tragedy.  You're the best!  SMOOCHES!!!

I hope I haven't nauseated everyone, I rarely get this sappy but I just felt the need to say thanks today.  And while I'm at it. Thanks to all of my wonderful followers that make it a pleasure to sit down at the computer and try to entertain you all with the boring and mundane stories of my life.  I sometimes question whether I should continue or not and then I will receive an email from someone telling me how much they enjoy reading my blog and it makes it all worth while.

Have an awesome Sunday everyone!

Take care till Next time!!






stitcheranon said...

I am new to hot flushes..I prefer to call them exotic moments or tropical moments. Much nicer considering I am usually surrounded by grotty grey rain here in the tropics of Ireland. A lovely post and I can appreciate the doggy issue. We have a new small dog and I swear she is person/dog/meerkat/cat in breed.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What a nice post. My hot flashes have now passed but they were WICKED for a while. I love the doggie story - my two pooches are tiny babes that think they're Great Danes. Fearless. I'm glad she was okay and not hurt from the fall.

I know what you mean about the stitching women in your life. I meet monthly at our guild and love the interaction with young and old, experienced stitchers and novices. It's a good thing!!

The LHN pattern you picked is darling!

Mouse said...

ooooo am with you on those flushes ... just starting with tropical or power surges ... and had to laugh at the gymnastics of the poochies .... so glad you have the chance to have all those lovely ladies to stitch with you ... and well done on your stitching too :) love mouse xxxxx

Nancy said...

Hot flashes are no fun for sure! Thank goodness I only get them now and again! Your stitching is pretty! That escape artist of yours is a cutie!

MommyDearest said...

Dear Julie,
Would you please come visit me at the hospital? I fainted dead away when I saw yet another blog update from you! What's that.. three in a week? Better ready the ark Noah!! LOL!! I love reading your blog and I know I should post but then you know me...'nough said!!
I wouldn't mind the hot flashes so much if they melted away some of the fat but nope, nope..doesn't happen like that. Not sure why we have to have them. I guess it's to offset the sheer joy of not having a monthly visit from Aunt Flo.
I have seen that little dog jump so I am not surprised.
Who would greet me with a toy shoved in my face if she was hurt? I would have loved to have seen your face!!
Saturday stitching is my favorite days of the month. It's so great to see all the ladies, eat, laugh, eat some more, laugh some more, and maybe, just maybe do a little stitching!!
Keep on blogging, cuze if you don't you know we'll be a bitchin!!

marly said...

Not sappy at all! I think it was another great post. You have a knack at entertaining with your prose. I sure wish poor Gracie would get better or one of the vets come up with a diagnosis.

Rachel S-H said...

Little dogs are such natural acrobats. We had a small gap in the baby gate when Chancey was a puppy at the bottom, to keep her from falling down the stairs. Til the day we came in to have her come bolting out of the kitchen, run at the top of the stairs, fling herself through the gap and come down the stairs, without breaking stride. Guess we didn't have to worry about stairs?

The CCN piece is one I have done and really enjoy. It's so soothing to look at, one of her best! Enjoy stitching it?

Sherry :o) said...

The dresser and bed in your previous post are stunning and look like they were made to go together.

Your stitching is beautiful and looking good!

And stitching pals - they are the best. I hang with the same guild Terri posted about before me...and my bestest friends are my stitching friends. Where would we be without them!

Meari said...

I wish I lived closer so I could come to Stitching Saturdays!

OMG, that is too funny about your sneaky pooch!

Your newest stitching looks really great.

Shelleen said...

Your dog is too funny.